Angels by Emily Puetter – a perfect gift of good wishes for Christmas


Emily Puetter is fascinated by angels. On the shores of Marocco, in Ifitry, she discovered the form of angels formed by the movement of the water. She photographed the angels and made fine art prints out of this. By adding charcoal, pastel colors and gold-pigments she accentuated the forms and gave the angels a shine.

Angels Zikiel & Ziquiel © Emily Puetter - Angels that shine a light on us and fulfill wishes, show us the way and appear in special times like Christmas

Now for Christmas you can send your good wishes to your family and friends reinforced by an angel of your choice. Or, you just send the angel with a free wish, which the receiver of the art card will have.

Angel Azazel, leader of the Angels © Emily Puetter

Angel Baroa, Angel of harmony © Emily Puetter

Angel Dynamis © Emily Puetter - Symbolizes the divine forces

Angel Miniel @ Emily Puetter - Angel that makes a cold heart loving

Angel Rachel © Emily Puetter - Angel of humour and self-confidence

Angel Sereda © Emily Puetter - Angel of purification

Angel Zamael © Emily Puetter - Angel that doubles the sexual delights

Angel Babhnéa © Emily Puetter - Angel that protects you

Michael Neil composed the music to the work of Emily Puetter. For Emily Puetter and Michael Neil their work is an hommage to this wonderful country. Michael Neil expresses his feelings about Marocco: “The diverse rhythms of a vast multi-layered nation, divided between the Atlantic Ocean, Sahara, and Atlas Mountain range, left an indelible impression on me. I call it the ‘lines of life.’ For, in all its diversity, whether the peasant farmers tilling the land, the shantytown folk going about their daily business, or the complex wheeling and dealing of the marketeers in Marrakech, Maroccan sights and sounds have woven their way into each sonic mural…..Emily Puetter’s original paintings reflect not only her response to the visual splendour of the Maroccan landscape but to the materials of the environment and cultural aspects of the society.”  A book in German with her work containing Neil’s CD was published in 2012 with PalmArtPress.


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